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Tax Refund Competitiveness
Can customers receive tax refund conveniently?
Global Tax Free provides the most convenient refund service to customers through Korea’s largest number of tax refund channels.
Management Competitiveness
Is the support system for education and business working perfectly even when there is no managers?
Global Tax Free has a contact system within one hour when a statement of high amount is issued. Even when a staff employee mis-issues the price, the process is conducted to ensure that there is no loss in the amount for safe use .Also, We maintain regular visits and various field trips to enhance the expertise of our affiliates.
Marketing Competitiveness
Can a marketing be conducted in a way that is practically helpful for sales increase?
Global Tax Free engage in overseas marketing through alliances with leading Chinese companies such as CTRIP and Alipay, and actively attract visitors through marketing with leading domestic franchisees. In addition, annual events such as stamps, extra tax refunds, coupons and lottery events are held every year to attract Chinese visitors.
Business Competitiveness
Is the company reliable and trustworthy?
Global Tax Free reached about 68.25 million transaction refunds (as of accumulation at the end of December of 2018), and about 69 billion won in terms of refund amount, and it is a domestic company which a domestic market share around 63%. Global Tax Free has more than 11,000 affiliate store in Korea today.(as of the end of April of 2019) and the number is continuously growing now.